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The designer of the nature

Cristiano do Valle has been born in 1975, in São Paulo. By the age of 19, was in doubt about study architecture or agronomy, and has been graduated as agronomist engineer, at Esalq-USP, one of the most traditional universities in Brazil.

In the childhood, used to travel to the countryside of Brazil, and liked to be in contact with the nature. Used to spend time in the forest of his great-grandfather’s farm, Olavo Ferraz, who has found one of the first private forest reserves, becoming a master of fauna and flora. His grandfather’s last wish in life was realized when Valle managed to expropriate the reservation, to make it a Public Ecologic Station, being sure that forest would be preserved forever.

Even as a agronomy, maintained his passion for drawing. A few years after graduating, went to live in a farm on the inside of Amazon forest. Following your mother’s suggestion, started to observe the wood around and realize the beauty of its natural forms that were not used. This contact gave him the idea to create furniture and decoration objects. “At the beginning, when I gathered hollow pieces of wood, they thought I were crazy, ‘cause for everyone, at that moment, that pieces were considered as rubbish”, says Valle.

In 2003, has created Tora Brasil, in São Paulo, a company specialized in wooden furniture of Amazon. At the beginning, his pieces were sold in a small garage, at Vila Madalena. In less than two years, the company’s growth has required a move to a larger space, and the chosen location was a showroom in Pinheiros. The new factory was established in the town of Vinhedo, near to the state capital. After that, passed by Gabriel Monteiro da Silva and, nowadays, Tora Brasil is located in a charming shed in Vila Leopoldina, with 1.100 square meters, a multipurpose space to receive clients, architects and events.

Since then, Valle has developed luxury wood pieces, sustainable, with original drawing, with work of art status, where solid wood, interspersed with glass, acrylics or metals, turns into coffe tables, dining tables, sideboards and benches. These pieces are characterized by their textures and unique forms, becoming, that way, exclusive itens.

His pieces take account the imperfections of raw materials. In other words, the designer respects the veins, contours, time stamps and the knots of wood, making it a point to exhibit and integrate them into the design of the pieces. To choose the raw material, Cristiano do Valle travels three to four times a year to the northern region of Brazil, going to many different areas of forest management for mining. “Each wood serves for a specific furniture. Each trip to Amazon is a unique mining operation, thought there are pieces that we draw and later we search the ideal wood to produce them”, says Valle.

Following the tripod of sustaibanility – people, planet and business -, Valle has decided, since the beginning, to follow this course. In 2007, has achieved the FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council), that assures furnitures that receives this seal are made with wood from forest management areas, following the principles of minimum impact and high social value. The idea is to create a harmonious system between man and environment, in which it is possible to use natural sources in a way that the forest can perpetuate, preserving its fauna and flora, and that there is a human development in the region, creating jobs and income.

“The best way to preserve a forest is to make the society realize its value and development, and support and acquire certified products, by giving strength to this chain”, explains Valle. According to him, the panned beauties in the nature are brought to the daily lives of thousands of homes spreads around the world, taking with you a litlle piece of our brazilian treasure.

Nowadays, Cristiano do Valle is director of the FSC Brazil Council. Has already exhibited his works outside the country, as in CASACOR Estocolmo, in Sweden; Maison et Objet, in France; Be Brazil Exhibition, in Milan; and ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), in New York. The products designed by him to Tora Brasil can be found around the world, as in a residence in Singapoure, in the Drottningholm Palace – a residence of swedish royalty -, and in Louis Vuitton stores in Macau, Courchevel, Capri, Gstaad, St. Barth, Crans Montane, Forte dei Marmi, among others. Altogether, Valle’s products make up about 600 residences, bars and restaurants in 10 countries.


Was part of the L’Atelier history. Newly formed, worked as Jorge Zalszupin’s assistant, Criative Director of the company. With the team, they developed a huge number of products, searched and appreciated until today. Invited by the japanese government, went to study in Tokyo. When he returned, founded his own studio, Mellone + Associates. Famous for work on many areas of design, he was the first brazilian to receive the IF Design Prize, twice.

He drew furnitures to Probjeto and Teperman, references in modern design. It is your firts collaboration to Tora Brasil.


  • MCB Casa Brasileira Museum x 5
  • ID Magazine x 1
  • IDSA Industrial designers Society of America x 1
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