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Our Process

From the Amazon Rainforest to Your Home In our constant quest for excellence and sustainability, we are committed to bringing you products that are not only of high quality and design but also imbued with environmental and social consciousness. Here is the story of our woods’ journey from the forest to your home.

Conscious Partnerships: Every piece of wood that arrives at your home begins in the Amazon, through a responsible partnership with Mil Madeiras. This respected company has an unwavering commitment to sustainable and legal wood exploitation, preserving vast areas of rainforest, and prioritizing safe and ethical practices.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Forest Management At Tora, we understand that each piece of wood has a story. Our mission is to ensure that this story is one of respect for the environment, local communities, and the forest from which the wood originates. Here is a glimpse of our working process and our partners:

Inventory and Planning: Each tree is carefully mapped and recorded. Before any cutting, a forest inventory is performed to plan the wood extraction consciously, ensuring that the forest’s diversity and sustainability are maintained.

Safety First: The safety of our workers, and our partners and suppliers, is our top priority. We invest in quality protective equipment and conduct regular training to ensure that each member of our team is safe and protected.

FSC Certification: As a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified company, we commit to following a stringent set of guidelines to ensure responsible forest management. We respect the rights of local communities, preserve biodiversity, and work to ensure the sustainability of our practices.

Chain of Custody: Our commitment to transparency and responsibility extends throughout our chain of custody. We track the wood from its origin in the forest to the final product, so our customers know they are buying wood from sustainable sources.

Our recent pieces already have a unique QR code that tells the specific piece’s story, photos of the production process, and a Google Earth image showing the exact location where the tree that originated the furniture in question was collected.