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by Oswaldo Mellone

“A sure accessory, completes the atmosphere of any room. These remind me of mushrooms. The mixture of materials, color, enriches this small family of side tables.” Oswaldo Mellone


by Cristiano Valle

The Cy console brings a modern and geometric proposal, with legs at the ends and a frieze to separate the leg from the top. It is like a straight board cut to create the legs and with a fold or hinge. The first design of this piece of furniture was made in 2006 and has a curious story, as it was sold to a customer and then bought by a designer’s friend’s family. The name Cy, of Tupi-Guarani origin, means “mother” and is the creator of all things.


by Cristiano Valle

The Toró Umbrella Stand was designed in 2015, whose name, from the Tupi-Guarani, means “water jet, falling rain.” The inspiration came from the Dédalo piece, designed by Schweinberger for Artemide in the 1960s.

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