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coffee and center table

by oswaldo mellone

photo: julia ribeiro

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coffee and center table


by Cristiano Valle

The Aquidauana Coffee Table was created in 2005, as a tribute to the city of Aquidauana, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Initially, it was made with wheels, but now it is made with a cross-legged, making it versatile to use on the terrace.


by Oswaldo Mellone

Two juxtaposed pieces draw the mathematical symbol for infinity. “Surfaces in steel, support happens at only one end of the structure, by counterbalance. The wood is present with all its beauty and strength. On wheels.” Oswaldo Mellone


by Oswaldo Mellone

“One of the first designs for Tora. Each petal expands and contracts independently, preserving stability during weather variations. It floats, on its rotating base, ‘invisible’.” Oswaldo Mellone


by Oswaldo Mellone

“If design is your passion, this design will probably flow with everything you do. A structural challenge. In this table base, I tried to be bold like my friend Ruy Ohtake. Expressiveness, emotion, obtained through the arcs that cross. Saudade” Mellone


by Henrique Steyer

These pieces are intended to create a poetic combination of the free and organic lines of nature and the geometric and Cartesian cuts of human engineering. They are versatile and modular pieces, capable of creating volumes of various sizes with infinite combinations.


by Oswaldo Mellone

Synthesis of influences from traditional Japanese design with modern simplicity. The table epitomizes the brand’s sensitivity to nature. In two levels, the lower one serves to store and enjoy magazines and books.


by Cristiano Valle

The Aboyomi Coffee Table was created in 2008, and its name, from the Tupi-Guarani, means “happy meeting”. This table arose from the Abaré piece, removing a part of the wood that is under the bench, with the objective of better utilizing the wood and reducing waste. 

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