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by marcela arruda

photo: julia ribeiro

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by Cristiano Valle

The Abaré Bench is one of the designer’s most beloved designs, created in 2008 with inspiration from Ivan Resende’s Bandeirola Bench. It blends the characteristics of a bench with those of a magazine rack, having originally been conceived as a solid block with a magazine rack carved into the wood. However, the idea was modified to make it lighter, with the entire contour carved and engraved into the wood, without seams, and looking as if the wood is making the folds to join the bench and the magazine rack. From the Tupi-Guarani, Abaré means “distinct man, different from others”, a name given by Brazilian indigenous people to priests or missionaries.


by Cristiano Valle

The Acyaba Bench was created in 2015 and aims to be a sturdy bench made of wood trunk, with four extremely delicate metal pieces to give lightness to the heavy piece.


by Guilherme Wentz

The “Banco Três” (Three Bench) was created in 2015 as a result of the joining of three prisms: the main one, which is the seat of the bench, and the two smaller ones that serve to “support” the larger piece. This combination provides a mixture of delicacy and balance.


by Henrique Steyer

Inspired by the simple and naive handmade benches from the Brazilian countryside, the Arco Bench features subtle details and gentle curves that make the piece more delicate and sophisticated, without sacrificing functionality and traditional aesthetics that have been around for centuries.”


by Fernando Motta

The Triad bench is named after the “triangles” apparent in its main form, whether in the legs or seat trunk. The metal legs with a hollow structure convey lightness and flotation, while the trunk is tapered by cuts that display the grain intensely, thanks to the diagonal cuts.


by Oswaldo Mellone

The name emerged in a proposal for a coffee company. Two Pequiá planks rest on each other and are balanced by a steel crossbar. The recesses in the surface suggest placing coffee cups, but are there to signal the space for each user, important in institutional projects.


by Cristiano Valle

The Pantanal Bench was created in 2004, at the beginning of the company, and was inspired by the suspended wooden stool between two other wooden stools. The name Pantanal is a tribute to the Pantaneira region, which has a strong culture in Brazil.


by Cristiano Valle

The Tibaré Bench was created in 2009 with the idea of being light, with a wooden board and a metal leg, so that it appears as if the wood is floating.


by Cristiano Valle

The Sassu Sofa or Sassu Armchair is another design created in 2017, it is a wooden piece that dresses and receives a thin and delicate metal, with upholstery. Sassu, from the Tupi-Guarani, means “variety of hummingbird”.


by Cristiano Valle

The Tiapira Bench was created in 2017, with the name Tiapira, from the Tupi language, meaning “guide, the one who goes first, the vanguard.” It is a play between wood and metal, with a single piece that comes out of the leg, turns into a backrest and returns to the other leg, having a heavy wooden stool that is supported by metal, becoming a lighter piece.

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