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Column Drop Off

A piece designed taking into account the imperfections of the natural raw material, the designer respected the veins, contours, and marks of time in its conception, making the wood element lightful, thus using conical leg to reaffirm the composition of lightness of the proposal.


Product name: Column Drop Off

ID numbers: TB117452

Place: São Paulo, SP

Client: Cidade Matarazzo

Fabrication date: 20/04/2021



The traceability implemented at Tora Brasil allows the customer to have information about the origin of the wood, showing the location of the region where the trees was extracted by sustainable forest management to produce these specific pieces. Thus, you can observe with your own eyes on the map with satellite images the massive green area that Tora Brasil helps to conserve.

According to our IBAMA operation: license number 578188, and our FSC certification C002322, all wood we consume is extracted from Sustainable Forest Management and Reduced Impact Exploitation (MF-EIR), based on the most recent academic studies to use forest resources in harmony with conservation. Our wood suppliers, licensed by IBAMA, have the FSC certification that confers all the sustainability of the production chain, from forest conservation to the worker’s well-being, as well as the social development to the people of that areas.

Below you will see the region where we take raw material to produce these pieces:

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The FSC® is currently the most recognized Certification and is present in more than 75 countries. The council acts in three ways: It develops the (universal) principles or criteria for certification, It accredits specialized and independent certifying organizations, It supports the development of national and regional forest management standards.

Those who consume illegal wood products end up supporting a practice destroying one of our most significant resources: Brazilian nature. When we value and prioritize companies in order to preserve the Brazilian fauna and flora, we are strengthening this practice and perpetuating a consumption attitude that guarantees us an ecologically correct future.

Look for the FSC® seal! We, from Tora Brasil, have this certification and contribute to the transformation of consuming wood.

Check our FSC Certification Status!

Tora Brasil

Created in 2003, Tora Brasil is a Brazilian leader company, specializing in the production and commercializing FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) certified solid wood furniture for the luxury market. The commitment to sustainable development is
present throughout Tora Brazil’s production chain.

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