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tb118178is – Banco – Tora Brasil

Paranã bench In the pursuit of perfection and harmony between nature and design, Tora Brasil proudly presents one of its first creations: the Ipê wood bench. This emblematic piece is the result of our passion for natural beauty and exceptional quality.  Ipê is known for its unparalleled resistance and exceptional durability. With this bench, we […]


WoodCraft Fitness The fusion of functionality and artistry with our line of wooden fitness equipment. Crafted from solid wood with precision and care, our WoodCraft Fitness collection offers a unique and luxurious approach to strength training. From classic dumbbells to versatile kettlebells and elegant weight plates, each piece in our collection exudes timeless elegance and […]

TB118192po – Guaçu Dining Table – Tora Brasil

Guaçu dining table The Guaçu family originates from a laid-back concept and was one of the designer’s initial creations, consisting of a crude plank preserving its natural edges and contours. Metal and acrylic legs were added, intending to make the plank “floating” and the hollow metal leg to maintain lightness. At the time, tables were […]

TB118408mf – Yerê stool – Tora Brasil

Yerê stool The fluid elegance and dynamic energy of the Yerê coffee table, whose name has its roots in the Tupi-Guarani language, where “Yerê” evokes the image of a whirlpool in the waters of a river. This ancestral name perfectly captures the essence of the design of this extraordinary piece, where its distinct veins create […]

TB118419ar – Mesa de jantar Akatu – Tora Brasil

Akatu dining table The Akatu Dining Table, which in Tupi Guarani* means “trunk,” was designed by Arthur Casas in 2017. The design alludes to a tree, where the tabletop represents the treetop and the base represents the trunk. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Product name: Akatu dining table ID number: TB118419 Place: Itacaré – BA Client: KS Wood Harvest […]

tb118398dr – Special Bench – Tora Brasil

Special Bench This bench was developed for this project, from a single log of wood, the seats and backrests were carved with a completely organic and ergonomic proposal. To finish the piece, it was entirely charred in a Japanese-origin process called “Shou sugi ban”, elevating this bench to another level where its grains and textures […]

tb118420bc- Manauara Coffee table – Tora Brasil

Manauara Coffee Table The Manauara Coffee Table was created in 2010. Its name, in Tupi Guarani*, means “natives of the mother of the gods’ region,” honoring the people of Manaus. It was designed from a cross-sectional log cut, and seeks to highlight the wood’s rings and veins — each line representing a year of the […]

tb117190dk – Iguatemi Bench – Tora Brasil

Iguatemi Bench The Iguatemi Bench was created in 2004. Its name, in Tupi Guarani*, means “River of Prowed Canoes.” The aim of this design is to preserve the essence of the log as much as possible, using only one trunk to form the seating surface. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Product name: Iguatemi Bench ID number: TB117190 Place: Itacaré […]

tb118452gb – Bancada Guacu – Tora Brasil

Guaçu stand The Guaçu family originates from a laid-back concept and was one of the designer’s initial creations, consisting of a crude plank that preserves its natural edges and contours. This piece, serving as a countertop, adds the intention to make the plank appear “floating,” thereby bringing lightness to the design   TECHNICAL INFORMATION Product […]

TB116878re – Rhopalocera Table – Tora Brasil

Rhopalocera Table A piece conceived from its shape, which translates to its name Rhopalocera, which comes from a group of butterflies. The shape of the wooden pieces are chosen and fitted so that the top visually looks like a butterfly wings. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Product name: Rhopalocera Table ID numbers: TB116878 Place: Lusail City, Qatar Client: Rawdat Private Camp Fabrication […]