Votu Hotel: Learning from nature applying biomimicry

Nature is one of the most important forces to human beings, even more, when people are engaged in conservation and preservation policies.
People must consider respect as an aspect of our lives, leading to learning about nature matters, strength, recycling, and transformation. This framework helped us to develop great projects, sustainable subjects, and knowledge.

We, from Votu Hotel, do have this concern about nature. Located on “Praia dos Algodões” ( Algodões Beach), in Bahia, the enterprise emerges in an area with vast biodiversity: sea, coral reef, mangroves, Atlantic Forest, and natural lagoons. Furthermore, the location presents challenges related to high temperatures, pluviometry index, and salinity. The company GCP Architecture & Urbanism decided to use biomimetic techniques to deliver a project in harmony with the environment and comfort of the buildings.

Biomimicry is a science that studies and explores the creative principles and strategies of nature. Its practice results in solutions to problems that unite functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. It can apply techniques in several areas, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, agronomy, and, of course, architecture.

The Votu Hotel believes that the main legacy of the knowledge utilized on projects, acquired by observing natural life, was the natural and constant ventilation of its rooms – inspired by the Prairie Dog, which burrows in the ground with entries and exits of air. Another inspiration was the self-shading of some cacti, which guaranteed a way to close the building. Finally, the roof of the hotel kitchen is a slab garden, which acts as a thermal energy exchanger, inspired by the beak of the toucans.


Images: Site GCP Arquitetos (http://www.gcp.arq.br/projetos/votu-hotel/)

These measures deliver an innovative space that causes less impact on the environment and has a unique appearance – ensuring the project a prestigious place in the architectural sector. Therefore, to observe the actions and meanings in nature, a consequence of hundreds of years of existence, is the purest wisdom. The result was a space that respects the environment in which it is inserted and delivers beauty and comfort to its user.

Just like human beings, nature also faces many climatic challenges. Learning and reflecting on how it behaves in adverse situations is an art that we can gradually master. Joining forces with natural life is a practice that we value and have as one of our main pillars.


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