The Wooden furniture and its “Footprint”

Wood is a material that has many stories…, which makes the furniture even more special because of the impressions left by people in the environment!

When you buy a piece of wooden furniture for your home or work environment, you may be revealing characteristics that tell stories from other people who worked, in some way, in the extraction, production, and commercialization.

A wooden bench, for example, may reveal a story told by people and now becomes part of your daily life. Someone had identified the potential when it was just a log and visualized a project.

Other people were responsible for the proper cutting and transportation, preserving the environment in which this log was grown and developed. Another person, probably an idealist, designed the projects and carefully organized the manufacturing, from initial handling to finishing.

The masterpiece is ready to be seen by an architect, designer, or buyer who wishes to enhance a home or office.

Consequently, a piece of wood brings with it a whole trajectory of emotions and technique, impressions that are marked by the eyes and thoughts of all those involved in the process, and today, when you buy it, it is part of your life, your history.

Inevitably, you will leave your impressions on the piece. The question is, what marks will you create on your furniture?

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