The value of life – a Journey through memories!

Have you ever stopped to think about the power that memories have on our journeys?

We build our life and our legacy through memories, the moments we spend with our friends and family, and they are part of who we are. People can eternalize these moments like a photo, a toy from childhood, or a souvenir from a memorable trip. We attribute value to objects that go far beyond the material, but a symbol, a perfect representation of a good memory.

Some objects impact people: we always hear stories about the first piece of furniture a couple bought when they moved in together or that piece of furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, disputed by all the family members. We can not decide, exactly, how much these pieces cost, even in monetary value, because they are unique, with stories behind them.

Experiencing happiness is priceless. Imagine all the memories built around a dinner table, for example, breakfast with the kids, lunches with friends, Christmas dinners, and birthday parties. Not to mention that a high standard piece lasts for decades, that becomes present in countless narratives from parents, children, and grandchildren. Despite its financial value, this table is more than an investment; its price may not even include all the valuable possibilities it will provide its owners. Its value is not limited to how much it costs.

Tora Brasil is committed to offering high-standard furniture pieces that will serve as a backdrop for the memories. We develop products with unique characteristics throughout the creative process, making originality one of our pillars. We create unique designs using the most beautiful 100% Brazilian wood. Each log is chosen for two reasons: its uniqueness and the vision of everything it can become for environments.

Another essential point is the practice of ethics and sustainability, which accompanies us throughout the entire development. This way, we deliver end products with inestimable value!

When you purchase a table, a bench, or another of our pieces, you are taking home a new historical perspective, creating unforgettable memories shared for many generations. We hope you will uphold this tradition by purchasing certified wood and pieces with a great personality



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