The importance of Forest Management

Do you know what forest management wood is?

It is the management technique used to reduce the impacts of forest exploration and ensure the sustainability of forest production by planning the harvest and monitoring the growth of the forest. The management wood allows it to extract responsibly.

A productive rotation happens to remove adult trees while the younger ones grow in a continuous cycle of extraction and preservation.

The wood industries divide the area into something around 25 and 30 production units, where, each year, one of these areas already explored return for management only in 25 or 30 years. The amount of biomass removed is never higher than the amount gained during this “rest” period.

The benefits of forest management include guaranteed wood production for an indefinite time, reduced waste of natural resources, increased productivity, wealth generation, less impact on wild fauna and flora, reduced work accidents, and, finally, social engagement.

There is the possibility to obtain a certification recognized worldwide to attest to the forest management and the best environmental and social practices, analyzed through annual audits to guarantee more security and credibility in the system.

This certification is the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which is present in 65 countries. The FSC applies international criteria according to the type of management and forest to be exploited, considering the local conditions of each country or region, following a list of principles adopted before issuing the green seal.

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