Kosushi Miami

The Japanese restaurant chain Kosushi opened its doors in São Paulo and Miami, combining tradition and innovation. One of the environments in São Paulo already has more than 30 years of existence and consecrates the São Paulo public with a pleasant experience. The very first international unit in Miami represents the great history of the brand.

Kosushi Miami is where the traditional and the modern are combined, designed to provide a unique experience in total immersion, deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle, and also multicultural.

The renowned architect Arthur Casas designed the dining room that impresses those who visit the restaurant with its unique wooden structure on the ceiling, modern and original.

Tora Brasil took part in this achievement and provided the best experience customers can have. In an outstanding atmosphere and modern environment, surrounded by nature through the woods, in a panoramic view, the lunch counter of the dining room is our masterpiece.

The table is round, intending to combine tastes with pleasantness, collecting good moments with great company and excellent cuisine. To dive into an exclusive and impressive experience, Kosushi and Tora Brasil prioritize good moments to generate the best memories.

The importance of being involved in a large project like this is to consider people passing through the restaurant, taking part in the Amazon, unconsciously. We are taking to the world awareness about the importance of preserving the Brazilian forest from the concept of rooms.



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