How much does it cost the Tora Brasil Concept?

When you acquire a piece of Tora Brasil, you may not know it, but it contributes to numerous issues.


We create our designs with full respect for intellectual property, which is something we value very much. This respect contributes to encouraging a more creative and original world. We reject any copy and plagiarism, and we hope you are aware of it too.


We consider the preservation of the environment a fundamental clause. And this is not an intellectual property issue only, but also is something we certainly value. We were the first company to have the FSC® back in 2007, and we are still the only ones. The FSC® certification is the only way to verify the excellent and thorough work on environmental preservation and social development in the Amazon. Unfortunately, it is common to forge documents for illegal timber, saturating the Brazilian market with this illegality and preventing serious companies from reaching the national market. Less than 2% of Amazonian wood is FSC® certified, and of this small quantity, more than 95% are exported because it can not compete with the illegal national market. Considering that, the legal marketing is based on international currencies, and the currency exchange rates may influence the decisions.

Are you concerned about our Amazon Rain Forest? Access the site ( and search under “Organization / Name”

Only this way, we will be able to enjoy the beauties of our forest, aligned with environmental sustainability and the social development of local communities.


We decide to follow and respect the legislation and tax obligations of our country. In our opinion, this is the only way we can demand a more ethical and corruption-free world. Unfortunately, we see countless companies working informally, disrespecting competitors. We believe this is not the right way to do business, bargain, and get an advantage of financial gain by paying less.


We make the difference by focusing on the details. For the last 17 years, Tora Brasil has improved to present and guarantee a soft touch on the wood, a visual lightness of the piece, and the distinct quality of the materials we use, from the hardware to the finishing.

Piece Selection

From the beginning, I go to the forest to select the special, with unique beauty and details that will guarantee a better product. I go to places that are difficult to get in, to ensure that we choose the right angle, the particular shape never imagined, that will format the piece that will be born.

Fair Purchasing

We believe in the trends toward the circular economy recognizing a fair value, a market that we can create opportunities to strengthen this cycle, valuing every link in this chain and the stakeholders involved in the process, among them: the workers in the forest, working hard to transport the timbers to our workshop, the craftsmen who craft the metals, the artisans inside our workshop transforming the raw material into the soft piece that will accompany you for the best moments of your life.

Therefore, we thought it only fair to tell you a little about our work and our beliefs that anyone can understand.

By the way, I always tell our customers: “We don’t sell tables or benches. We deliver a fairer, more creative, more sustainable world. The table comes as a gift!”

Best wishes!
Cristiano Valle

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