How many dining tables have bought in your entire life

How many dining tables have you bought in your entire life? And how many moments do you live around it?

The dining table, as a pillar, is the primordial element of a house, a family’s living center where we have our main meals, gatherings with friends, play games, or play cards with our grandparents.

Sometimes it is a workplace, and it is the place where the children do their homework, as well. In short, we sit down to make decisions, reconcile with someone, and even learn some life lessons.

Around it, we socialize with family and friends; we laugh; we celebrate birthdays; we eat; we drink; we exchange glances and ideas.

It is the meeting point of the main holidays and celebrations, where we enjoy a turkey at the Christmas dinner and the codfish on Good Friday.

The dining table is like a mother’s heart: There will always be room in a mother’s heart for one more! After all, all you have to do is pull up a chair.

Around it, we live many important, unforgettable, and ordinary moments that make the essence of the house and shape our history linked to the residence we live in and with whom we live.

For Tora Brasil, these are moments that value life. We have in the dining table a symbol of joy, friendship, and union, sharing experiences with refinement, sophistication, and harmony.

With this in mind, our tables are always carefully projected and designed in a way that brings out the best in all these occasions mentioned and makes them unforgettable.


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