FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certificate.

It is common to hear that it is too late to go after the damage caused by humans to the environment and that there is no salvation. However, all is not lost: a more critical look at the time of consumption can ensure the building of a sustainable future. When it comes to wooden pieces, giving priority to products with the FSC® label is an act that helps keep forests standing! ¹

Contrary to what many people think, stopping consuming wood is not the answer to combating deforestation. What contributes to the destruction of fauna and flora is the consumption of illegal wood, which is, unfortunately, the most evident problem related to extraction in the Amazon Rainforest. Around 80% of the annual extraction of timber in the region is of illegal origin. Many of the logs consumed by Brazilians in the civil construction sector is resulting in an authorized process, which generates environmental, social, and economic damages. After all, how can we consume wood correctly? The answer is to choose products from companies with FSC® certification, and not only products from the Ibama authorization! ²

The FSC® is currently the most recognized seal around the world and is present in over 75 countries. The council acts in three ways: -it develops the (universal) principles or criteria for certification, -it accredits specialized and independent certifying organizations. -it supports the development of national and regional standards for forest management.

This seal guarantees the correct use of the logs that are ecologically adequate, socially fair, and economically viable. We understand that it is crucial to inform the requirements to receive the certification to those forest communities engaged, favored by this process for the well-being and the rights of the workers.

Those who consume illegal wood products end up supporting a practice that is slowly destroying one of our resources: Brazilian nature. To our point, when we value and prioritize companies that protect the Brazilian fauna and flora, we are strengthening this practice and
perpetuating a consumption attitude that guarantees us an ecological future. Search for the FSC® label! We, from Tora Brasil, are a certificated and engaging way to sell legal woods.




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