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FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certificate.

It is common to hear that it is too late to go after the damage caused by humans to the environment and that there is no salvation. However, all is not lost: a more critical look at the time of consumption can ensure the building of a sustainable future. When it comes to wooden pieces, giving priority to products with the FSC® label is an act that helps keep forests standing! ¹

Contrary to what many people think, stopping consuming wood is not the answer to combating deforestation. What contributes to the destruction of fauna and flora is the consumption of illegal wood, which is, unfortunately, the most evident problem related to extraction in the Amazon Rainforest. Around […]

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The value of life – a Journey through memories!

Have you ever stopped to think about the power that memories have on our journeys?

We build our life and our legacy through memories, the moments we spend with our friends and family, and they are part of who we are. People can eternalize these moments like a photo, a toy from childhood, or a souvenir from a memorable trip. We attribute value to objects that go far beyond the material, but a symbol, a perfect representation of a good memory.

Some objects impact people: we always hear stories about the first piece of furniture a couple bought when they moved in together or that piece of furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, disputed […]

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TORA BRASIL Around the World

The contact with nature through Tora Brasil pieces is enchanting. Part of this enchantment comes from the raw material we use: FSC certified wood of 100% Brazilian origin with unique beauty, worked detailed.

We are privileged to take some of this beauty to other countries. A beautiful example of the connection between Tora Brasil and the rest of
the world is this space in California (USA) that enchants its modernity and originality.

It all started when a couple of Americans visited the Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, where there is a piece in the lobby. The couple was impressed with the reception counter – made out of a large and imposing log. After some research, […]

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The disastrous consequences of illegal timber consumption in the Amazon.

Wood is part of everyone, including furniture, household items, and buildings. Its presence is undeniable, and the question of the origin of wood arises, which can be certified or not. Differentiating between these two types of materials and conducting a conscious consumption has an impact on the planet.

The illegal extraction and commercialization of wood bring a series of problems related to forest preservation and sustainability as a whole. Its practice is fast, predatory, and devastating action. In Brazil, the rates of illegal wood are high, both for export and for consumption within the country.

“There are several studies on the subject, but, in general, they all conclude that more than 50% of the wood produced in […]

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How much does it cost the Tora Brasil Concept?

When you acquire a piece of Tora Brasil, you may not know it, but it contributes to numerous issues.


We create our designs with full respect for intellectual property, which is something we value very much. This respect contributes to encouraging a more creative and original world. We reject any copy and plagiarism, and we hope you are aware of it too.


We consider the preservation of the environment a fundamental clause. And this is not an intellectual property issue only, but also is something we certainly value. We were the first company to have the FSC® back in 2007, and we are still the only ones. The FSC® certification is the only way to verify the excellent and thorough work on environmental preservation and […]

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The importance of Forest Management

Do you know what forest management wood is?

It is the management technique used to reduce the impacts of forest exploration and ensure the sustainability of forest production by planning the harvest and monitoring the growth of the forest. The management wood allows it to extract responsibly.

A productive rotation happens to remove adult trees while the younger ones grow in a continuous cycle of extraction and preservation.

The wood industries divide the area into something around 25 and 30 production units, where, each year, one of these areas already explored return for management only in 25 or 30 years. The amount of biomass removed is never higher than the amount gained during this “rest” period.

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Votu Hotel: Learning from nature applying biomimicry

Nature is one of the most important forces to human beings, even more, when people are engaged in conservation and preservation policies.
People must consider respect as an aspect of our lives, leading to learning about nature matters, strength, recycling, and transformation. This framework helped us to develop great projects, sustainable subjects, and knowledge.

We, from Votu Hotel, do have this concern about nature. Located on “Praia dos Algodões” ( Algodões Beach), in Bahia, the enterprise emerges in an area with vast biodiversity: sea, coral reef, mangroves, Atlantic Forest, and natural lagoons. Furthermore, the location presents challenges related to high temperatures, pluviometry index, and salinity. The company GCP Architecture & Urbanism decided to use biomimetic techniques to deliver a project in harmony […]

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The Wooden furniture and its “Footprint”

Wood is a material that has many stories…, which makes the furniture even more special because of the impressions left by people in the environment!

When you buy a piece of wooden furniture for your home or work environment, you may be revealing characteristics that tell stories from other people who worked, in some way, in the extraction, production, and commercialization.

A wooden bench, for example, may reveal a story told by people and now becomes part of your daily life. Someone had identified the potential when it was just a log and visualized a project.

Other people were responsible for the proper cutting and transportation, preserving the environment in which this log was grown […]

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How many dining tables have bought in your entire life

How many dining tables have you bought in your entire life? And how many moments do you live around it?

The dining table, as a pillar, is the primordial element of a house, a family’s living center where we have our main meals, gatherings with friends, play games, or play cards with our grandparents.

Sometimes it is a workplace, and it is the place where the children do their homework, as well. In short, we sit down to make decisions, reconcile with someone, and even learn some life lessons.

Around it, we socialize with family and friends; we laugh; we celebrate birthdays; we eat; we drink; we exchange glances and ideas.

It is the meeting point of the main holidays […]

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Kosushi Miami

The Japanese restaurant chain Kosushi opened its doors in São Paulo and Miami, combining tradition and innovation. One of the environments in São Paulo already has more than 30 years of existence and consecrates the São Paulo public with a pleasant experience. The very first international unit in Miami represents the great history of the brand.

Kosushi Miami is where the traditional and the modern are combined, designed to provide a unique experience in total immersion, deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle, and also multicultural.

The renowned architect Arthur Casas designed the dining room that impresses those who visit the restaurant with its unique wooden structure on the ceiling, modern and original.

Tora Brasil took […]

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