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Designer – artist, magician of mixtures, imbued with Brazil, with the sculpture collection “AVAA”, Delphine Araxi Sanoian immerses us in a new concept of stools carved from burnt wood.

More Brazilian than Brazilians themselves, without any ‘mongrel complex’ (*), on the contrary, with a fluid energy, an energy of love, a nod to her Araxi name. Delphine Araxi is sunny, a young extroverted Franco-Armenian woman with a wide smile outlined in red Urucum, always greeting you with looks that are cocktails of haute couture and sportswear!

Called to Brazil in 2014 to deal with design and art by businessman Alexandre Allard, it is the Rosewood-Matarazzo project in São Paulo to dive into Brazilian cultural diversity. Having worked since 2011 with Philippe Starck, the designer appointed for the project, she has therefore mastered the languages of these great personalities. This inspiring project has opened all doors to the Brazilian artistic scene.

Is Delphine Sanoian an architect-designer? If much of her creative work is focused on utilitarian objects, she has long conceived them as interactive sculptures. With Avaa she goes much further.

This collection is inspired by women’s legs. The strength, determination, and persistence of women’s walking, especially the ability to give birth. We bring this through the brightness and choice of materials. The sinuous shapes reflect on the woman’s body in its diversity of forms.

Women’s legs were never made to run after anything other than their own sun.
To look at the example of women’s legs:
stepping on the ground reaching great flights in the vastness.

Chess is an ancient game of strategy. Sometimes it imitates a battlefield. The main interest is the checkmate, that is, the capture of the opposing king. The brilliance and our greatest inspiration in this game is knowing that, even played with four hands, it is the individual strategy that wins the battle. Trusting in ancient rules while mixing them with the creation of your own strategies is key to everything. We learn from chess about the power of silence, resilience, and self-confidence.
ready to play?

(*) ‘Vira lata complex’ is a Brazilian term referring to an inferiority complex sometimes attributed to Brazilians in relation to other countries.